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    How to create a check register like Money 2005

    I would appreciate any insight into this that anyone has. I need a financial register type grid that would be much like any money management program. Do any of you know of any third party components that would suffice? I think this would be quite an undertaking so I would preffer to not...
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    Past noob but not quite expert

    Recommended resources for learning VB.NET I'm looking for some guidance on which resources, books and internet, I can use to get from my basic understanding of VB.NET to a more complete and thorough understanding of design patterns, multithreading, and more advanced stuff like that. In...
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    NuSOAP WS sending text/html rather than text/xml to

    As you can tell from the title I made a php webservice to be consumed by my app. I put the dynamic url to the wsdl file ( but for some reason, my guess is at least, that is only recognizing everything up till the ?wsdl. I tried...
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