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    New Windows App Programmer

    Can someone suggest a great beginner book with sample projects for developing Windows Applications in VB. I have been developing web sites since asp and I am now creating websites with VS 2010 and 4 in VB. I would like to learn Win Apps with VS 2010 and VB. Any ideas? thanks Milton
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    Error installing app

    I have 1 VB application using windows forms. I wrote it 3 years ago and it worked fine. Basically it sends out thousands of threaded async emails and pulls the email addresses from an sql DB. Now that I have upgraded to windows 7 and moved from VS 2008 to 2010 the compiled app won't install...
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    Question Transaction (Process ID 65) was deadlocked

    I am getting the following error with sql server 2005. Transaction (Process ID 65) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction. I'm trying to send out 14,000 emails. I pull the email addreses from a datareader...
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    Posting does not work

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    Posting does not work

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    html email body with richtextbox?

    richtextbox and console app OK, forget the richtextbox. Since I know the subject and body I am pulling the body from an html file. I can do this ok except for one problem. In the body of the html file I have the characters UNIQUECODE . I would like to replace this text with a string from a...
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    html email body with richtextbox?

    I have a Visual Basic console application which sends emails using threading since the number of recipients is more than 1000. I am using a richtextbox for the message body. The text does not translate into HTML, meaning no line breaks or formating. I have 50 or more web based apps but this...
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