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    Doubt regarding openevent() in vc++

    Hi all, I am writing a multithreaded code in vc++, where I am using createevent() and openevent() function to control threads. hEvent1 = OpenEvent(EVENT_ALL_ACCESS, FALSE, "Event1"); I want to know the significance of first 2 arguments. This is in light of when I tried EVENT_MODIFY_STATE in...
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    Nasty bug in dotnet framework

    Hi all, I am getting a bug when executing my project in visual in debug mode. The error is Unhandled exception at 0x77f9180c in myprogram.exe: User breakpoint can anyone tell me how to overcome this bug. I tried using debugger tool gflags.exe, but I don't know how to use it...
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    How to know the windows directory in

    Hi all, In code, I want to know the windows directory, say if windows is installed in d:, I would like to know d:\windows thanks in advance Sudhanshu
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    Overlapping groupboxes

    Hi all, I have created 2 groupboxes, each containing some textboxes etc. I have created them adjacent to each other inside the form. But I want both of them to be overlapping, because at a time I will use only one of them. This will reduce the size of my form. How can I do it ?
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    Can an arraylist store an array object ?

    Hi all, I have a class for which I created an array of objects. can I store this array in an arraylist ?
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    Doubt regarding arraylists

    Hi all, can an arraylist contain objects of variety of classes. If yes,then when we want to extract an object from this arraylist, how do we come to know of its type ? Thanks, Sudhanshu
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    Associating a hyperlink with an event

    Hi all, I would like that when user clicks on a button, a hyperlink should open. For e.g. on clicking button, an internet explorer etc should appear with say How can I do so ? Thanks sudhanshu
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    Disallowing raising events

    Hi all, Suppose i have associated an event with textbox that gets raised when I change the value inside a textbox. Now I am changing the value of the textbox inside my code, then that event gets raised automatically inside the code. But I don't want that event to be raised inside my code. How...
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    Displaying progress bar

    Hi all, I would like to display an infinite message progress bar on desktop till some form comes up. After the form appears I would like to close that progress bar. How can I do so ?
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    Does pressing the cancel icon on a form dispose it ?

    Hi all, In a form, we have cancel icon on right side top of the form. When we press it, we can close the form. when we click this icon, does the form get disposed ( meaning its memory is ready to be freed by garbage collector). Or it still remains in memory and we have to specifically...
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    How to display a avoidable message box in

    Hi all, I would like to display a messagebox in that can be avoided. When you display a messagebox like below MessageBox.Show("Message Text", "Message Title", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.None) then, user has to click on yes/no, else the program will not move forward. I want...
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