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    Download Program: Resume Download Ability

    I suppose this is really a theoretical question above all else. I haven't really started on this project yet as I'm still in the planning stage. I'm not sure but I think it's the object that does file downloads. However, I'm wondering if there's a way (a method of sorts) to...
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    Getting form to minimize when exit button is clicked

    Does anyone know how to override a form closing? In other words, when I click the red exit button, I want the form to hide() instead of actually closing... Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Monitoring real time file transfers on a network

    I'm pretty sure this would fall under the security section... Is there any way to monitor real time file downloads of computers on a network? even a machine that is not on the network but using it's internet connection?
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    Unable to find Manifest Signing Certificate???

    I recently reinstalled windows and I opened up my latest program and I have a build error: Unable to find manifest signing certificate in the certificate store. What does this mean?
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    Easy question for the experienced developer...

    Hi, I'm working on creating my own control, but this question is moreso a general question (I think) When a developer types a statement such as: <TypeConverter(GetType(ColourButtonConverter)), DesignTimeVisible(False), ToolboxItem(False)> Public Class .... I'm looking for an actual...
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    How?:: Creating objects with design-time editable subobject collections

    I'm not sure if the title was descriptive enough, but I'll explain. I created 2 objects. 1 Is a container, the 2nd is a tab object... I want to be able to load tabs onto the container at runtime, but more and most importantly, during build time. (Note* Though I use the word Tabs, i'm not...
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    My Custom-drawn tab doesn't respond to events...

    Hi everyone... I am very new to GDI+, studying up on it and all... yesterday, I made a tab with the system.drawing and system.drawing.drawing2D namespaces... My code is at the bottom... What's weird is that during build time I can take the control and add it to a form, it'll resize and all like...
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    Does anyone Know how to embed forms in forms or panels

    I'm trying to create a work area that once a document is created, it will open a window embedded inside a panel. Anyone know How?
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    I Need help: Editing objects at runtime Dynamically

    I posted this in another forum, but realized it wasn't the one I originally inteded to, sorry. In other languages, I can edit the properties of objects at runtime with no problem. I'm sure there's a way to do this with but I've yet to find the syntax for what I'm looking for. So...
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    Dynamic Arrays

    Firstly, for future reference, should I post as many questions about one subject as I can in one thread? I don't want to spam the forum or anything with too many single question posts, so if that's a problem, I'll start putting multiple questions in a single thread. My Main question is: How can...
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    How do you insert a new line in a text field?

    I can't find the answer in any search engine... Plz help
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    Can you help with my string parsing problem?

    Hi all, I have a program that is supposed to parse html. I can run the for loop with for 100 loops or so, but the strings are in the tens of thousands of characters... usually around 21 thousand... My application freezes when I call the Public Sub parser_parse ()... My main question: Does VB...
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    I need help with Controlling a modem and parsing html

    I am completely new to this forum but I hope I'm posting in the correct area. I’m not going to ask for an entire application, but I do have many questions, two of which are: 1: What method would I use to control a modem to connect and disconnect from the internet? 2: How would I go...
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