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    Question Are Web Services always running as 1 single instance or do they work like web pages?

    I have never used Web Services before so I don't know much about how they work as far as being instantiated so here is what I need and will a web service do this for me? My web site will send out notifications to users based on alerts they setup in their profile. The notifications are text...
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    Question How to Wake the computer from Sleep?

    I have seen people blog about VB6 code that can wake a computer from hibernate but I have yet to see how to do this with .NET. Can anyone please help me with this? I simply want to wake the computer from sleeping at a designated time.
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    Sending and Receiving Code via Textboxes

    I want to know how to send and receive code via the textbox from and to users. I know there is a way to do it but I forget what I have to change in order to make it work. Basically, ASP.NET will fire an error if code is being passed back to the server or if you try to send code to the user it...
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    Preserve page line with Wizard

    What is the simplest way to preserve the users location on a webpage during a postback. I am using the Wizard on my page and for every post back the page starts back at the top. The user has to scroll down the page to get back the wizard again. I want the simplest way to preserve their...
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    Checkbox AutoPostBack not working

    I have added two checkboxes to my form and a button called update users. I want to change usre privedges by checking or unchecking the appropriate checkboxes. I recently decided it would be better in my current situation to cause a post back on each checkchange so I set the AutoPostback for...
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    Custom action for un-install

    During un-installation of my application I would like to perform some steps prior to the uninstall. Basically if I use the Custom Actions supplied by VS and add a custom action the Uninstall portion then it runs after the uninstall is complete. I want to run prior and even cancel the...
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    Writing to Application.StartupPath in Vista

    I have a program that writes a settings file to the Application.StartUp path so that all users access the same settings when the program is running. This works fine in all windows except Vista. What's the deal here? I placed a message box inside the routine to write the file, just before it...
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    Good E-Commerce tool or plug-in?

    Just looking for a good e-commerce tool or plug-in or EVEN BETTER an article or good book on building my own. I don't need anything crazy right now, just enough to let the user purchase something and redirect them according to the purchase being approved or not. Here's the scenerio. User...
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    Simple way to start a static Application

    I am looking for a simple way to start a static application. Basically I don't want there to be any windows and I don't want it to be a windows service. In time I do want the application to open windows ect but not initionally. I have over come this in an awkward route and I imagine I will...
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    un-install question

    I know VS has great install features and I like to use them. It's much easier to add an installer project to your current project then just tweak properties ect. When you build the installer with VS you can also right click and choose to install it. However; if there is another older version...
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    Background Image not shown in Firefox

    I am using Visual Studio 2005 to visually add Background images to cells within tables on my webpage and it works great, well, only inside the designer and IE. I tried to view the page in Firefox and Netscape Browsers and the Background Images within the cells of the tables are not shown. What...
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    Can anyone guide me into using the detailsView's built in feauture Update and Delete

    I have added a Details View to my webform and then configured my Datasource to read a table from my form. I clicked advanced while configuring it and chose to Generate Update and Delete SQL Statements for me automatically. When I run the webpage everything works great as far as surfing through...
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    What's the deal with Panel's and controls?

    Everytime I add a panel to my form or use a control that has a panel built into it such as the LoginView Control I can't place more than one control on the same line. How come I can't place more than one control on the same line inside of a panel? This is really aggravating. I simply want my...
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    Methods, Properties, Classes or libraries you want to share.

    I recently saw a book at Borders that was filled with simple functions and procedures for common and some un-common tasks for programmers. I have myself written some useful classes and dll's that I think would be nice to share. I think this thread can accumulate a lot of traffic and share a...
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    [SqlException (0x80131904): Cannot open user default database. Login failed.

    I have added a login Control to my site and used the Security Wizard to define Access Rules, Roles, and Users. When I run this site through VS2005 either by right clicking (view in browser) or just running (w/o debugging enabled) it works every time. No glitches no problems. When I try...
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    Transparency Glitch - Need help

    I have a glitch in my program. I have a normal 24bit image as my form background image. The image contains only yellow in the areas I don't want shown; so I use yellow as my transparency key. The form is also yellow. When I run this on my computer (WinXP) everything is great. NP's...
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    Adding Icon to Webpage

    I know this has to be a stupid question but I'm stumpted right now. How do I add an Icon to my webpage. The icon that you see in the Internet Explorer representing the current page. Like for example; this forums site shows the Visual Studio Icon in the tab for this page (in IE7) and in the...
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    Access database into SQL

    I need some help and direction converting Access database into SQL. If anyone has any ideas or skills in this department I would really appreciate it. I am basically new at database programming so take it easy on me. Thanks :)
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    Page Background Image not showing

    I have the background color of my form dark blue. When i run the site the page is dark blue like it is supposed to be. Later I added a picture as my background. In the design view it shows the picture as the background just fine but when I run or deploy the site it still shows dark blue as the...
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    Default Directory needs to be Virtual Directory

    If I set my default directory in IIS to my ASP.NET Website directory it doesn't deploy. I only get it to work whenever I build a Virtual Directory that points to the ASP.NET website I built. That's cool but how do I set my default directory to become my ASP.NET home page? I don't want to add...
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