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    Run .exe without login?

    I've got a service whose sole purpose is to run an executable. It runs fine as long as someone is logged in at the time, but it doesn't ever seem to run if the control-alt-delete screen is showing. Is it possible to run an exe at this stage? If so, what special considerations must I make for...
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    Reading CMD file's output?

    I've got a .NET application which writes and then executes a .cmd file. Is there some way for me to read that .cmd file's output back into .NET so that I can do something in response to the result? I don't mind parsing text at all. I just need to know what the feedback is in that command window.
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    Run my exe as a specific user?

    My current project at work is to develop an application which will run on all client PCs in the field. This .exe application may run while an end user is currently logged in and using it, sometimes not and the cntl-alt-del screen is showing. I can successfully run my exe at the cntl-alt-del...
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    Windows service unable to read registry keys?

    I have put together a basic service which will need to read a particular registry key value. (It contains a path which is important to what it needs to do.) Everything appears to be functioning on a basic level. I can install, start and stop the service just fine. And I can write out event log...
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    Initiate local copy from remote admin PC?

    Hi, folks. I'm about to embark on a fairly important project using .NET. What I'll need to do is initiate a file copy from a PC ("A") to a workgroup server ("B") using an admin PC ("C"). The idea here is to run this administrative task from, say, my own PC using an interface that allows me to...
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    Intercepting multiple network connections?

    I have a theory on this, but since I'm still very much a newbie at VB, much less .NET, I figured I should ask you fine folks here before flat-out denying the development request I have for it. We apparently need to somehow intercept an XP user's attempt to establish a second network connection...
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    Working with AD via VB.NET application?

    We have a need to streamline the maintenance of Active Directory here at my company. Specifically, does anyone have any experience with deleting users out of AD via .NET? Examples? Documentation you might point me to? Thanks in advance!
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    Determining a file's status? (Busy/not busy)

    Thanks to everyone who have been so helpful as I recently began posting questions here at this forum. The time you've taken to offer your input on my questions is very much appreciated. Things are progressing along pretty well as I learn my way around VB/.NET. My current quandry, however, deals...
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    Recommendations on this book?

    As a .NET newbie with a pretty solid background in PHP, MySQL and Applescript, what I really need is a solid, ground-up understanding of VB.NET as a *language*. I don't need instruction on draggin and dropping controls onto a form, but too many books books and tutorials I have dug up so far...
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    Datagrid Column headers not clearing?

    I have a datagrid in which I display rows from a table. Works fine. My problem comes when I run a query that returns differing columns from the query before it. Instead of "clearing" the previous columns and displaying only the column headers relavent to the current query, the gridview ADDS to...
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    ADO, DataGrids and writing to file

    I'm still very new to .NET development but have a background in MySQL, PHP and other scripting. I need to work with SQL tables, displaying those results in a datagrid and writing those results out to a file. My real question. I need some kind of concise (*gasp!*) instruction on working with...
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    Execute shell without .cmd file?

    I would like to be able to issue a command to the shell, but I find having to write my command out to a .cmd file first to me rather tedious. Is it possible to simply run a shell command directly from within .NET without having to generate the .cmd file first and then executing that file?
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    Referring to form objects within a subroutine?

    I'm new to Windows development and .NET, but not completely new to this sort of programming and IDE. I've written a subroutine and need to alter a form label within that subroutine. Thing is, whenever I try and write this, Visual studio flags me that it doesn't understand (ie. the blue squiggly...
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