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    outlook panel

    You can find some in Code Project Also, try Component Factory, they have a free toolkit that mimic outlook panel.
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    Child Form Layout in MDI Parent Form

    You shoud check whether your form in correct coordinate area, and put it in form_move event. Or alternatively, set it's window state to maximaze and it's bordersytle to fixedsingle. For doing so, user won't be able to move or resize the form Also, your attached picture won't display because you...
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    3.0 Framework

    Like Neal said, it'll run fine. .NET 3.0 is actually an add on for .NET 2.0, which mean, you must have .NET 2.0 to install .NET 3.0. However, you still can't use this technology by just install the framework. Unless you're using VS "Orcas", you have to install VS2005 Extensions which you can...
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    Custom Button Control

    I don't think it would be possible with any default members of a control. The concept of designer is to load all default property for it's control. So, it would appear once you created a control. If you make your own property, you can set its default value so it won't appear in designer with...
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    Lost all Icons in Toolbox

    Maybe you should clean and rebuild your code too beside restarting. If still not work, try to reset your VS settings from Tools->Import and Export Settings. Usually, I've my problem solved by doing this.
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    Lost all Icons in Toolbox

    It's a bug. I had experienced this few times. Just restart your Visual Studio, and it will be normal again. Also, make sure you install VS2005 SP1.
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    What is wrong with My VS 2005

    Make sure you set EnableVisualStyles in your project properties. If you begin your application from Sub Main, use Application.EnableVisualStyle method before running your application
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    Why Red Icons in VS Tools

    It could probably a bug. I got the same problem sometimes. You can also quit your visual studio IDE and run it again
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    Reading Date

    DateTimePicker1.Value.Month It return month on selected date in integer. If you want to return it with it's name, try this dim messes as string messes = Format(DateTimePicker1.Value.Month,"MMMM")
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    Help with button_click in If Else statement

    What do you want to archive exactly ? If you want to do something if the user click the button, why don't you add a code in that button event ?
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    I've been outsmarted by a circle!

    AFAIK, You can't. However, you can place a container (might be a panel, groupbox or something), place it above your control, and use your container paint event.
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