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    XMLTextWriter changing my variable in a URL (changes instances of & to &)

    XMLTextWriter changing my variable in a URL (changes instances of & to &) Hoping to get an answer without posting a code example for now. My program creates two files with the same exact information. A text file and an XML file. There are several variable values and strings outputted to...
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    Format string centering columns

    I am outputting a columnar table to a text file, 5 columns each 20 characters wide. The example below lets me align these columns either left or right. Dim strfmt As String = "{0,-20}{1,-20}{2,-20}{3,-20}{4,-20}" Dim strfmt As String = "{0,20}{1,20}{2,20}{3,20}{4,20}" "Payment Date Amount...
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    Console App with Windows.Forms Browse For Folder

    If I add a reference to System.Windows.Forms and add that Namespace I can use the MessageBox function in a console app. Can I use the Browse for Folder dialog and if so how do I implement it in the code??
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    Getting no error messages using Net.WebClient on a valid but empty path

    Bing Satellite map tiles at zoom level 19 and above are not available for some areas while available in others. If I send a valid URL for a tile that I want to download but is not available, in a browser window the server will return an error message. Using the sub below I see nothing when this...
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    Referencing a dll and then calling a dll function

    I have compiled a C# class as a .dll named TileCalculations.dll Within the Class its namespace is TileCalculations and the Class is TileSystem namespace TileCalculations { static class TileSystem I have attempted to add this to a poject using Project > Add Reference and navigating...
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    Trouble with System.Diagnostics.Process.Start passing arguments

    I am attempting to open a cmd.exe process with the 8 arguments listed At this point all this does is open a command window in the correct directory Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600] Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. F:\Python26> What I want to send to the...
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    Concatenating images into columns and rows

    For my example I have 256 individual image tiles, each 256px width X 256px height. The goal is to concatenate these to a single image 4096px w X 4096px H. (256*16=4096) The tile are named so the first 16 alphabetically make up the first column decending top to bottom, the second 16 make up the...
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    Getting 403 Forbidden error on a valid public web page

    When I run this and click the button I get an error message "The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden." I can paste that same url in a browser window and it will open the page (it is actually a 256x256px png image) Using Perl I can use the (LWP-Get/Store) function on that url and...
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    Reverse sorting an array.....Array.Reverse(strTheString)

    I have tried the show the revelent code below. I have the array dimensioned as public to the form. I populate the array on Form1_Load. When I click the button btnReversingAnArray the first time all are sorted in reverse except for Wendy and it is the last item shown. ie.. (The book I am even...
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    Ccommon controls toolbox, new objects names

    I am very new to Visual I am using Visual Studio 2010 and working through the book Beginning Visual Basic.Net 2010-Wiley. When I add a new button its default new name is Button1, similar for a new List Box, ListBox1 and so on. Is there an option somewhere or some file to change that...
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