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    How to Animate a Graph or Either Add Scroll Bars to a Picturebox

    I am once again stuck in my Network Simulator project that I have been working on and am in need of help. My problem this time is that I have two graphs that I am manually drawing on a picturebox, yes I know I could use images, but it is what it is. And yeah, I am not drawing on the Paint...
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    How to Calculate and Animate a Digital and Analog Signal

    I need to take a sequence of 1's and 0's and then convert them into a graphical representation of a digital sign that will scroll across the screen. The graph would need to be positioned inside the middle box on the picture below, right under the light gray box. It would need to scroll right...
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    Question How To Stop A Loop Until Key Is Pressed?

    I am fairly new to Visual Basic.Net and am working on a network simulator program to simulate packets being sent across a network. I do have experience in Java however but I couldn't get the code to do what I wanted so I switched to an easier language for GUIs. My problem is that I have an...
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