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    Duplicating Row in a Dataset

    i'm having problem trying to copy a row from a dataset table and inserting it back on the same table. the reason why i'm doing this is to paste the new row and edit 2 columns. i tried using dataset.clone .copy .merge and to no avail, i've given up. using these method disallow me to copy because...
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    Error when Generating Typed Dataset

    "Custom tool error: Unable to convert input xml file content to a DataSet. The same table (table_name) cannot be the child table in two nested relations." i'm trying to convert an .xsd file into a typed dataset this is the error message i got from it from wat i understand its because it...
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    problem with declaring tooltip at System.ComponentModel.IContainer

    Coding 1 Private components As System.ComponentModel.IContainer ' ' ' 'optRepaymtOpt1 ' Me.optRepaymtOpt1.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.LightSteelBlue Me.optRepaymtOpt1.Checked = True Me.optRepaymtOpt1.Font = New System.Drawing.Font("Microsoft Sans Serif", 8.25...
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    setting radio box to transparent!

    i've attached the img below as how the interface is --see attached jpeg before continuing. thanks i've tried setting my back color to transparent but it doesn't seem to work. The other labels (Year of Manufacture and etc.) are set to transparent and it seem to work out fine. i suspect it's...
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    get result from a few table with same fields

    say i have these few fields in these tables table:Rest fields i)id ii)name iii)contact iv)restaurant v)manager table:Mgmt fields i)id ii)name iii)contact iv)department v)manager table:Admin fields i)id ii)name iii)contact can i query to get one result showing id,name and contact from all...
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    dropDownMonth.DataTextFormatString: from integer to month

    dropDownMonth.DataTextField = "month" let's say the value i retrieve from the db is 2,3,4,5 what i want it to show in my text field is february, march, april, may instead of number can i change it? wat's the format string ? dropDownMonth.DataTextFormatString = ?????
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    sql problem: sum()

    i'm having a problem with my sql below SELECT sum((discounttype.percentage/100)*totalsales.subtotal) FROM totalsales INNER JOIN discounttype ON totalsales.discounttype = discounttype.discounttypeid WHERE totalsales.invno = 62 the discounttype.percentage is supplse to be 25 and the...
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    adding bulk of records into database

    i have a piece of vb codes that i want to use it in //declare 2 recordset of different database while rs1.eof rs1.addnew rs1.fields("id1") = rs2.fields("id2") rs1.fields("abc1") = rs2.fields("abc2") rs1.fields("type") = "abc" rs2.movenext end while how do i do this using...
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    connecting to sqlserver2000 remotely (through internet)

    hey, i have an idea here but i dunno how to put it into picture i'm thinking of creating a WINFORM APPS to extrct files from my database in my local machine (msde) and transfer it to a remote server online (sql2000). so wat are the options i can use to do this? what i've thought so far is...
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    extracting file from local machine n uploading file to remote server

    hey, i have an idea here but i dunno how to put it into picture i'm thinking of creating a webapplication to extrct files from my database in my local machine (msde) and transfer it to a remote server online (sql2000). so wat are the options i can use to do this? what i've thought so far is...
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    delete a few record on a a few tables

    is this possible? i want to delete a few record from a few tables i tried using these 2 statement but it can't seem to work on mssql2000 code 1 @item = 10 //this is the eg param sent in delete supplier, inventItem, quantity from supplier, inventItem, quantity where inventitem.supplier =...
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    is this possible? stored procedures

    hey, i need to know whether this is possible? say i create a stored procedure to send in this parameters -poid and i have 2 table to manipulate TABLE Restock has -po -item -qty TABLE Quantity has -id -qty i wanna select part of the restock select item from restock where po = @poid...
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    validating using regular expressions

    just like how it can be done in, can i use regular expression to validate a application? wat are the common or usual way to validate textbox?
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    calling function from when clicked on datagrid cell

    Dim strSQL As String = "select as 'id', as 'name', inventItem.description as 'desc', restock.qty as 'qty', inventItem.priceQuantity as 'price', restock.qty*inventItem.priceQuantity as 'total' from inventItem inner join restock on = restock.item where...
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    help on forms. loading n calling

    say i have 2 form, form1 and form2. when i start the app, form1 will load. then when i click a button i want to send a value to form2 and open form2 but i don't want to close form1(it'll be at the back of form1). then when i close form2, i want to send another value to form1 and reload the form...
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    using combobox in

    in when i wanna create a listbox with text n values i do it like this: Dim objCommand As New SqlCommand(sqlStatement, sqlConn) Dim objReader As SqlDataReader = Nothing sqlConn.Open() objReader = objCommand.ExecuteReader() Dim DS As DataSet Dim MyCommand As...
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    question on form

    i have a problem here i'm not sure on how to show forms issue 1 if i use form.showdialog() me.close() the app will still be in my taskbar when i open a few forms... the program won't close properly issue 2 if i use me.hide() i will still have my files runnin in the...
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    inserting bulk record from db to db

    say i want to extract a few rows from table 1 and insert it into table 2... how do i do it?? one method is to create an sql reader to extract data from table 1 then use stored proc to insert into table 2 i'm thinking of the performance whether will it lag when i execute the command one...
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    validate currency

    as mention above.. how do i validate a textbox to accept currency? i can't seem to find it to work .... i've seen ppl using instr and double.tryparse. can anyone be kind enough to explain wht those 2 thing does?
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    help again: trimming string

    say i got a string with a value "12 (22)" i wanna seperate the 12 n 22 into two different integer variable. how do i do it? note that the integer's length on the string can be 1 or 2 e.g the string value can be "2 (22)" or "22 (2)"
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