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    How to achieve this Grouping layout?

    Hi, I have a table where i stored News with date and my home page i need to display date and title. i can achieve this using gridview and i got the following result, 01/03/2007 News1 01/03/2007 News2 01/03/2007 News3 01/02/2007 News1 01/02/2007 News2 01/01/2007 News1 : : but i need the...
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    Best way to import data from Excel & save to DB?

    hi, i am downloading data from some other source to Excel workbook. after that, i just want to save all those data to DB after performing some validations. at the moment, i am using the following code to import data from excel into my Dataset. Dim App As Excel.Application Dim wkb As...
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    best control to display this?

    user control Thank you very much for ur help! yeah! user control is the best choice. now it is working.
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    best control to display this?

    hi, i want to display my records in the following structure(pls find the attachment) and my db structure looks like, Id ------Name - Age - Dept. --------------------------- Record1 Field1 Field2 Field3 Record2 Field1 Field2 Field3 Record3 Field1 Field2 Field3 i tried this using...
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    Replacing Excel Files

    hi, which method r u using to create ur excel file. that is, if u r using excel object to save ur file, then u can use the following App.DisplayAlerts = False WBook.SaveAs(Filename) ur declaration could be some thing like that, Dim App As New Excel.Application Dim WBook as...
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    optimizing search in two dimensional array

    Re.Datatable oh! yeah. this is what i really want. i think using this datatable, atleast i can reduce the burden of my loop. Thank you very much for ur help.
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    optimizing search in two dimensional array

    let me explain, in my program i am using two dimensional array to store large amount of data. i need to search for particular string, for that i am using For..Next to loop thru my array and i need to repeat this step many times for some other checking. this is really time consumable and so i am...
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    optimizing search in two dimensional array

    optimizing search hi, thank you for ur reply. i am storing date value as string in my array. i can use "binary search", bcz my array is a sorted one. but my problem is, my array is two dimensional.
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    optimizing search in two dimensional array

    Hi, i want to search a particular string on first dimension of two dimensional array. i can do this by looping thru each element on the array. but its really time consuming and my array has large amout of data too and also i need to repeat this process many that, i like to use some...
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    Outlook COM Addin security issue - using CDO

    hi, i am developing COM addin for Outlook 2003 which provides some additional features to "Send mail" function for my client.for this i have created one "compose new msg" window and used CDO object to access "Address Book" window of my problem is,when i try to access address entry...
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    Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    add validation hi, add validation to ur loop, i.e) Dim r As RepeaterItem Dim bln As Integer For Each r In rptEvManage.Items if not isNothing(r.FindControl("uplEventFile")) Then Dim strFileName As String = CType(r.FindControl("uplEventFile"), HtmlInputFile).PostedFile.FileName Endif Next
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    String was not recognized as a valid DateTime

    try this hi, try this code, change ur parse statement into "DateTime.Parse(cdate(CType(r.FindControl("txtEvDate"), TextBox).Text)" u can also add the validation for this, ie) dim TmpDate as Date If isDate(CType(r.FindControl("txtEvDate"), TextBox).Text) Then...
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    display total number of records in a label

    hi, you can use this, Dim SelStr As String = "SELECT COUNT(*) AS Expr1 FROM TEST" Dim Selcmd As New Odbc.OdbcCommand Dim dr As Odbc.OdbcDataReader dim Con as new odbc.odbcConnection con.ConnectionString="ur connection String to db" dim TmpStr as string Try Selcmd.Connection = Con...
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    Add an empty option

    hi If u want to use databinding, then u may change ur select statement like that "select Column1 from table1 union select '' as column1" and fill the dataset using this, now ur combo box always has the empty value as a first record.
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    Autonumber Problem

    Hi, This is always the prolem of using data adapter update cmd to perform inserts except using datagrid to do this.u can use sql insert statement with odbccommand or sqlcommand to perform this.This could solve your autogenerate number problem. otherwise u need to create NewDatarow manually and...
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