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  1. liey87

    Question treat USB as RS232

    I have a hardware with USB for communicate between computer to hardware. The vendor not giving any APIs to connect to the device. They give me a protocol. But the protocol is serve for RS232 mode. I ask the vendor whether this protocol can be apply to the USB, they said 'YES'.. So, I'm...
  2. liey87

    Question pass value to AS3?

    Hi all, Is there any link for tutorial on developing VB.NET to Flash using AS3? In VB.NET, I send the value by SetVariable and how do I retrieve it in flash using AS3? I see AS2 and AS3 is using differ AS. I'm confusing right now. Not very experience in AS and only have some old program using...
  3. liey87

    Question FTP Downloaded file corrupt

    I want to download all file that located on FTP site. I break into 2 operations. First is to get the list of all files in the directory. Then I proceed to second which download each file. But unfortunately, the downloaded file is corrupt. Worst over, it affect the file on FTP folder. Both...
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