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    How to achieve this Grouping layout?

    Hi, I have a table where i stored News with date and my home page i need to display date and title. i can achieve this using gridview and i got the following result, 01/03/2007 News1 01/03/2007 News2 01/03/2007 News3 01/02/2007 News1 01/02/2007 News2 01/01/2007 News1 : : but i need the...
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    Best way to import data from Excel & save to DB?

    hi, i am downloading data from some other source to Excel workbook. after that, i just want to save all those data to DB after performing some validations. at the moment, i am using the following code to import data from excel into my Dataset. Dim App As Excel.Application Dim wkb As...
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    best control to display this?

    hi, i want to display my records in the following structure(pls find the attachment) and my db structure looks like, Id ------Name - Age - Dept. --------------------------- Record1 Field1 Field2 Field3 Record2 Field1 Field2 Field3 Record3 Field1 Field2 Field3 i tried this using...
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    optimizing search in two dimensional array

    Hi, i want to search a particular string on first dimension of two dimensional array. i can do this by looping thru each element on the array. but its really time consuming and my array has large amout of data too and also i need to repeat this process many that, i like to use some...
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    Outlook COM Addin security issue - using CDO

    hi, i am developing COM addin for Outlook 2003 which provides some additional features to "Send mail" function for my client.for this i have created one "compose new msg" window and used CDO object to access "Address Book" window of my problem is,when i try to access address entry...
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