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    Persistant User controls and out of memory exception

    I have a Winform application that I am using with WCF and SQL. Part of the program that the users use to create a report will dynamically create custom user controls and place a reference to them into a hashtable that I maintain. Then as the user navigates through the report by selecting...
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    XSD.EXE and REDEFINE Elements

    I have a schema that I'm trying to build a class from using XSD.EXE However, this schema has a REDEFINE element, which causes xsd.exe to choke up. This is a known issue... Redefine Element Binding Support Is there any way to tweak this schema or the class to allow me to create a class that I...
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    XSD.EXE Bug-Generated code will not serialize.

    This is a continuation of my first thread that I started, but I've boiled the issue down to what appears to be a well known behavior of XmlSerializer class. microsoft.public.dotnet.xml | Google Groups Apparently it is unable to serialize Jagged Arrays properly even though the XSD.EXE...
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    Trouble populating Class converted from SCHEMA using XSD.EXE

    I have created a strongly typed class from an XML document using XSD.EXE code generator. First I created the XSD file, then I created the Class from it. The class builds fine but I am running into a massive wall when it comes to populating it. The class contains arrays of arrays ...
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