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    get data from Database?

    hi, hope someone can help. i am a novie at visual basic but i hope you can help. i have a form with a list box and a button. i have created a database using microsoft access and have linked it to my project. i will have a test box that will accept 4 digit pin. the user types in the pin and...
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    credt card VALIDATION

    Hi, i am looking to create a program that will valdate creit cards. i will have text boxes that will hold 4 integers each. so 16 numbers in total that a user will type in and then a button that they press to check if it is valid. i know that you can use LUHN formula for this type of...
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    VB File opening issue

    Hi, hope anyone can help. i am a complete novice. i have a form with a text box and 2 buttons i need a user to enter the filename in the text box and press the button. this will then open the file. the file will be a simple .txt file. the other button will be to close the file. i am...
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