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    Question Recursive File Search

    I have a series of text files in multipule diffrent sub directories. I found the following functions on the Internet: Private Overloads Function Recursive(ByVal strPath As String) Dim oDir As New System.IO.DirectoryInfo(strPath) Dim oSubDir() As System.IO.DirectoryInfo...
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    vb .net 2003 AE and php

    could i get vb to call a file like using the vars in th e url to tell the php script what to do and if so can it get a response back? and if so how would that work, an example would be a license key, it would be stored in the registry and it...
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    VB .NET (2002 SE or 2003 AE) programmers needed

    i need people to help using either vb .net 2002 standard edition or vb .net 2003 acidemic editon, i have both, the exact one to be used depends on what people here have, this is volenteer work only for a free security app, firewall, maybe anti-virus/spyware the future if this app...
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