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    how to remove a line return from IO.StreamReader a excel.csv data file

    The code reads data from an excel.csv file If a row cell contains data with a line return ie Alt+Enter The result is the code reads it’s as a new Line, and therefore errors. Dim objSR As New IO.StreamReader(objOFD.FileName) dgImportedData.Rows.Clear() Do While Not objSR.EndOfStream...
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    Output & counters are inconsistent

    Ive inherited the following code Summary WinForms displays a list of users that have attended a course Students either passed (X) or failed (Y) a course. It prints a document list of all students that completed the course It prints certificates for students that passed the course. The...
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    PrintDialog call the result the print dialog always displays/ hides behind the Windows Form

    ve inherited a code application. When I either run the exe or debug the code the result is The print dialog box is called. However the Print dialog always displays behind/ (appears as hidden or doesnt display) the Window Form. How can I get the Print dialog to be the main focus, current active...
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