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    Online Document Management Solution for PDF, Word, Images and More

    New Release of Yiigo Document Management Solution! Check out the latest version of Yiigo Document Management Solution. This solution can be easily integrated into your Microsoft Visual Studio Visual Basic .NET application, to create a powerful yet easy to use document management project. Follow...
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    HTML5 Doc Image Viewer

    Finally the new release of Yiigo HTML5 Doc Image Viewer! Yiigo HTML5 Doc Image Viewer is actually a web viewer which can be easily installed to view, edit images and other documents with your web viewer. It is compatible with .NET 2.0 and above, and can be easily integrated with Microsoft...
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    Barcode Reading Solution New Release

    We are pleased to announce the new release of the latest Yiigo Barcode Reader Library for .NET 2.0! This barcode reader offers efficient barcode scanning performance Able to detect barcode images rotated in any orientation and output encoding data; Developed according to corresponding...
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