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    pop up window

    Hi,i have a pop up window where in i created a dropdownlist with some valuesbut i want to retrieve all the dropdownlist values to the main windowhow should i do thisplease can anyone help me out on thisRegards,Visalakshi
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    retrieving data

    Hi,i have created a dynamic table with rows and cells and also created dynamic web server controls in the table in all the cellsbut when we enter data in that controls which r there in dynamic table then how how can we access that data in that controls.the code is as followsTable tblTmp = new...
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    retrieving data in dropdownlist from database

    Hii have created a table with 2 columnsaccountname,processname i have created 2 dropdownlists controls in pagei could retrieve accountnames from database in the first dropdownlist but could not retrieve the corresponding processnames for accounts in to the second dropdownlistthe code is...
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    dynamic creation of controls

    how to dynamically create controls using XMLplease give me a user sample on thisRegards,Visalakshi
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