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    Question Import data from an excel file

    Hello, I'm writing a program that will save data from a few variable into cells of an excel file. I also would like to load the data from a saved excel file into the variables. I have a working sub that exports the data to an excel file. I'm not sure how to load the data from an excel file back...
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    re-enable the Timer

    Hello, I have a timer on my form. When I press a button the on the form the timer starts. In the Timer.tick event handler I disable the timer (Timer.Enable = False). I'm trying to re-enable the timer in my code. I know the program gets to the timer.enabled = true statement but the Timer.Tick...
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    Data does not transfer to excel correctly

    Hello, I have a windows form with a text box to be filled in by the user with a number. The number is then written to the cell of an excel spread sheet. The cell on the spread sheet is formatted to display percent. The format is not transferring correctly. If the users types 1.75 into the...
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