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    com port as external button (RTS CTS)

    Hello, i want to ask you if is there somebody who have experience with com port as external button. I took one switch and com port cable where i connected port 4 with port 8 and now i want check if user pushed button. I checked google and find that i need use RTSHolding and created this code...
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    textbox validation - tab key

    Hello, i create validation value from Textbox which is fired by button (fin working), but is there chance to fire it by tab key? All data which will be putted by barcode scanner. Protected Sub ValidateUser_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Dim userId As String...
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    Array of number - order check

    Hi guys, i want to ask if is possible to check if user input data in specific order which is specified from array [5,3,7,2,1,4,6] and I want to that user will type 5,3,7,2,1,4,6 and if it will be different then it will call "please follow instructions". I want to avoid select case thank Antra
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    win from access into database

    Hi guys, i want to ask you if what i do is correct way (expecialy if there is no any problem about load of database or memory leaks). My program try to check units in system and base on requirements user can print some data from zebra printer. First fing is find data in database, check if was...
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    read data from USB

    Hi guys, i would like ask you if somebody have experience with reading data from USB. I have weather station and i want to download data (i know that there is many softrares for this - easyweather,cumulus, pywws, etx), but actually i want presend data in little bit different way. I tried find...
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    Validate TextBox Contents Before Use

    Thanks, its help, but now i have little bit different issue. I have textbox, where maxlenght = 14 and i need that when this textbox contain string with lenght 14 then data will be saved in database otherwise textbox will be clean. Data will be added by scanner. I tried len function under...
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    Copy data from one table to another

    Dear guys, would you mind to help me with copy data from one table to another? First table have data from acces database and this table load data by bindingsource (ez way). For this table i have filter something like this SeqMatBindingSource.Filter = "(Part_Group LIKE '" & hv_column_text.Text &...
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    Update dataviewgrid DB

    Hi All, I have code where I load data from database into dataviewgrid, but have problem with update. I tried to replace select for update but without any changes. Any ideas? Public Class Form1 Public connstring As String = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data...
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