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    displaying date in

    dbt in date thk u 4 ur response i am creating any column in datagrid the column which in the backend(sqlserver2000),i am trying to retrieve from there i am using format(col_name,'DD/mm/yy") then the format is displayed in textbox or label but i want to display in a grid according to my req. format
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    displaying date in

    i want to display date column in a datagrid in the format dd/mm/yy using sqlserver2000
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    Trying to add Treeview Control

    hii i want to work with treeview control in my application can any one guide me its very urgent thanks
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    qry in storing values

    hii i am trying to store items and their values in the backend but if i enter item and the corresponding value as 0 and 0(ie zero),then also it is getting added i dont what to add zero or multiples of zero thanks
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    qry in retrieving column from Access

    thanks but i cant remove or modify the data ,i can only read it and display it in the data base. thanks
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    qry in date/time column

    i am selecting date from a calendar control and i am displaying the date in a textbox and also i am appending date along with time so in my textbox control ,both date and time is displayed now i am trying to store that value in the database MSAccess. and i created one column in MSaccess data...
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    qry in retrieving column from Access

    hello i am trying to retrieve one table from MS Access,in which there are many columns. One of the column datatype is nvarchar and the data in that column is " HYD'BAD". generally in command string , we ll read text as '" & aaa & "' (aaa is the data ,which is declared as varchar) but when...
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    copying files from one database to another database

    thank u for ur response i ll try this approach
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    copying files from one database to another database

    qry in transferring foxpro to sql server i am trying to transfer foxpro database tables in sql server database and i followed the steps as mentioned earlier ie using datatable i dumped foxpro file in a datagrid now i want to transfer that file in a sql server. in properties i made set...
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    copying files from one database to another database

    qry in transferring first i created one connection object to connect to foxpro now i am trying to retrieve one table from foxpro database into my .net form the data is being displayed in the form now i am unable to transfer that data into SQL server data base. i also made...
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    copying files from one database to another database

    i am trying to copy foxpro tables or files to sqlserver and i want to do it using .net program instead of using import /Export option available in SQL server thanks
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    qry in conn to oracle from ASP.NET

    hii i am trying to connect to oracle from, but an error is displayed as "TSN Protocol Adapter Error" but the connection is working fine with any permissions needed to connect to oracle from thanks
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    qry in datagrid

    qry in DG can i get some hint or code on checking null values in datagrid
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    qry in datagrid

    i want a code to check whether the column in a datagrid is null or not if there is a value ,just display it in as datagrid if the value os null or 0 or what ever may be just disable the datagrid thanks
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    qry in datagrid

    hii in i am trying to retrieve one column from the backend in a datagrid now my query is if no data is available in that particular column then the datagrid should be invisible thanks
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    calendar control

    hii if i select a date using calendar control i want to display its starting and ending dates ie if i select 11-12-05 from calendar control in i want to display 01-12-05 and 31-12-05 in 2 different controls (say 2 textboxes) thanks
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    qry in calendar control

    hii in my form i placed one calendar control(is web control) suppose i selected sysdate from the calendar control now i want to subtract the current date or sysdate and i want to store the subtracted date starting day and ending day for adding dates using calendar control, we use...
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    installing web set up in sys in which .net is not installed

    i want to deploy my application and copy in another system in which .net is not installed like in , is it sufficient if i install .netfw in the second system and run my application . or do i need any extra components thnks
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    qry in sharing my project over LAN

    in iis ,in my VD ,if i right click propeties i am unable to find application settings can i get any clue. thks go to IIS and find that virtual directory, right-click properties and in the application settings click Create button to create application on that directory.Then you can browse it.
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    Deployment problem

    in bofore deploying, we can test our application in IIS by selecting the property "Directory Browsing" but after deploying if we install the websetup project in my project,while installing the path chosen is Virtual Directory but if i try to browse that web setup project then its not...
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