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  1. OldItGuy

    connecting mutiple data set so a single control

    I have a situation where in a legacy app (VB6) I have a grid which is populated by any one of a large number of (100+) stored procedures. Each of the procedures returns one or more rows with an identical list of columns (including column names, column data types, column order). I am...
  2. OldItGuy

    Question Saving settings accesable between two applications

    Many thanks for the reply, yes 'I knew that' a windows service is a super set of the windows forms applications without a form, just trying to be susinct (if a little incorrect). I am adopting you suggestion, many thanks.
  3. OldItGuy

    Question Saving settings accesable between two applications

    Hi I want to build two forms applications: One has no user interface (a service). The other has a user interface and allows configueration of file locations and connection strings etc for the service. I have tried an app.exe.config file and vista performs some sight of hand that stops me seeing...
  4. OldItGuy

    Question Is it possible to install both VS.NET 2003 & VS.NET 2010 on same machine?

    Whist it is possible to install all versions from VB6 to VS2010, you probably only want VB6 and 2002 and VS 2010 - the reason being that VS2010 can target the net frameworks from 2.0 to 4.0 and any in between. A word of warning: if you open an earlier project in a later version of VS you will...
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