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    Application Activation

    Ok, so this is what i got so far: Imports MySql.Data.MySqlClientPublic Class frmLogin Dim conn As MySqlConnection Private Sub Button2_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click Me.Close() End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As...
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    Get stats/specs from pc to database/mail

    How can I get stats/specs for pc using the app being sent to database/mail? I only need like these stats: Windows version Main browser Location (Country) Etc...
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    Count keys

    How can i count keys pressed within ex. 1 min? Or how do i count a spesific key?
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    Only the last IF...

    Thanks! :)
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    Only the last IF...

    How do I change only one letter with the "Case"? Like a translator thing. Ex: E to e But still translates rest of the text in the box...
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    Question SQL or Xml??

    I would recommend SQL. But you will need either a dedicated server or a webhotel you can store the data on. So you have to link the app to the remote SQL database.
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    Question GIF not rendering...

    GIF not rendering when a form is fullscreen in BG, why?
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    Only the last IF...

    Only the last IF is "rendering", why? And how do I fix it? :) '------------------------------------------ ' RAL Colors '------------------------------------------ If HexBoxText = "" Then 'do nothing Else If HexBox.Text = "#BEDB7F"...
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    Dual Screens

    Can you give me an example? :P
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    Dual Screens

    How can I check if a computer has multiple screens? And is it possible to move form to other screens aswell?
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