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  1. XL Jedi

    Can't find any way to remove graphics after drawing them.

    I haven't messed with trying to draw on or over the actual windows desktop... Seems like what you might need to do is draw on a transparent layer above the window background image? Then it's just a matter of wiping and redrawing the transparent layer.
  2. XL Jedi

    Region to Path or Path Union

    Ya know, the GDI is nice; and at the same time extremely aggravating! Case in point... I have two polygons that I wish to add together (union). The polygons exist in paths defined by point arrays. So far so good... Paths do not have methods for things like: union, intercept, xor, etc. The...
  3. XL Jedi

    Save shape(polygon, ellipse) into file

    Yes, assuming your classes contain serializable attributes, it's very easy. I would probably save/load them as a binary file though... Do you really need them saved as text strings?
  4. XL Jedi

    Creating a polygon in main()

    Not exactly sure what your goal is... But here's how I typically load a point array to a polygon and draw it. Dim MyPoints(0 To 3) As Point MyPoints(0) = New Point(0, 0) MyPoints(1) = New Point(0, 50) MyPoints(2) = New Point(150, 50) MyPoints(3) = New Point(70, 0) Dim MyPath As...
  5. XL Jedi

    Custom Shaped Usercontrols

    I'm trying to build a custom usercontrol for a graphical "node" type control. The node will serve as connector points for lines in a 2D graphical application. Presently, I have figured out how to create the control, draw the node image and have it display properly when dropped on a container...
  6. XL Jedi

    Convert String to an Object Reference

    I already looked at that. I didn't think it was the functionality that I wanted. As I mentioned, I don't want to create the resource files and support a finite list of languages. I want to allow my users to edit a config file with any simple text editor. Can the users create and/or edit...
  7. XL Jedi

    Convert String to an Object Reference

    Well... Over a month ago I had asked about how best to go about creating a foreign language config file... heard nothing. Language Config File I need to have a foreign language config file so I can send my app to anywhere in the world and have folks be able to easily modify a text config file...
  8. XL Jedi

    Calculate degrees om circular arc (math mostly)

    As it turns out... I do a lot of vector graphic math stuff... Here's a snippet from my vector function toolset: Imports System.math Module Mod_Vector_Func 'Returns Dot Product of two vectors defined by 3 points Function DotProduct(ByVal P1 As PointF, ByVal P2 As PointF, ByVal P3 As...
  9. XL Jedi

    Convert String to an Object Reference

    What's the best way to convert a string to an object reference? For instance, if I have 3 string variables defined as: Dim MyString1 as String = "" Dim MyString2 as String = "" Dim MyString3 as String = "" ...and then I have a config text file that I read when the application starts that is in...
  10. XL Jedi

    Language Config File

    Hey what would you all recommend for setting up a language config file? I was thinking of allowing the users to modify a simple text file like: Language.cfg I wanted something that would be easily editable from outside my app that they could copy/paste over the default English Language.cfg...
  11. XL Jedi

    Copy to clipboard problem

    sure... I'd like to see how you did it.
  12. XL Jedi

    Copy to clipboard problem

    I'd be interested as well... I have an application that allows you to save to the clipboard or a file. If you save to a png the transparency works fine. If I save it to the clipboard, I get the blue-screen effect.
  13. XL Jedi

    How Do i Do A Recursion

    If you'd like to study a bit on the general structure of recursive programming, google on "n-ary recursion" and look for some simple permutation examples that you can test and play with. I just had to use recursion in an app I was working on to select all related nodes in a connected branching...
  14. XL Jedi

    Userform ArrowKey KeyPreview Issues

    That sounds logical... I haven't played with creating usercontrols yet. I've seen a couple interesting examples. ...and I can see where further study in that direction could probably benefit my project. I appreciate the diagnosis and suggestions for further study.
  15. XL Jedi

    Compiler Builds Something Different?

    At the moment I'm beyond that problem, however when I finish my project in the next week or so I'm gonna revisit that one and make an attempt to isolate it. I'm interested in reviewing it further myself just to make sure I don't run into that problem again in the future.
  16. XL Jedi

    Userform ArrowKey KeyPreview Issues

    I've been writing code for over 10 years in VBA... yeah they're forms just used to calling em UserForms in VBA. I've got some stuff now that I'd like to migrate to standalone apps and visual studio was free and after playing with it a bit I like the IDE and all the gadgets exposed to
  17. XL Jedi

    GDI Text Rotation

    Ya know this is typical for me... I post a question, "Can someone give me a Text Rendering Hint?" ...and what does John come back with? You should try TextRenderingHint. :D I know, it doesn't really mean Hint... but the irony made me laugh outloud.
  18. XL Jedi

    Userform ArrowKey KeyPreview Issues

    Thanks for the link John! I'll review that later today... I have a pretty strong programming background but I find myself in this transition phase where I can program the graphics and underlying engine, but hooking that engine into the display controls has been a tad frustrating, but...
  19. XL Jedi

    GDI Text Rotation

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner... I applied the TextRenderingHint with AntiAlias before the transform and it worked beautifully. Excellent suggestion! :D
  20. XL Jedi

    Userform ArrowKey KeyPreview Issues

    Alright, I managed something that works pretty well for my needs. Bit of an endaround solution but allows me to avoid activating the textboxes with the arrowkeys. I ended up using MouseMove of the userform and display panel to toggle the ReadOnly property for those textboxes. I then added...
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