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    Linking combo boxes

    I have a Visual Basic .net front end to an sql 2000 database. In one table I have two columns called department and category. The accounts department has different categories that are applicable. So on my server I have a department table, a category table and an accounts category table as well...
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    XML relationship

    Hi I am accessing an sql server 2000 database with a visual basic .net frontend from visual studio .net 2002. I have a parent and child table (more specifically a calibration table and calibration attempts table) in my form I am displaying the calibration then have a datagrid to display the...
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    Masking the time of datetime

    I have a windows form bound to a dataset. That is filled by an sqldataadapter which gets its data from a table in sql server 2000. In my table on sql server I have a date column, when I view the data in sql server it only displays the date not the time which I know is also stored there as...
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    Security Policy System.Diagnostics.Process.Start

    Hi I have some code that uses System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("CD1.pdf") in using .net framework 1.1 to open a pdf this works fine locally but when I try to run the application from another machine on the network I get a security exception to be specific an argument exception telling me...
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    DataBinding could not find a row in the list that is suitable for all bindings

    Hi I am developing a front end to an sql server 2000 database in using visual I have used dataadapters to populate a data set with the data I want diplayed as well as its lookups. I have a form showing a signal record at a time by binding the text box's and the combo...
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