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    Reducing Page Footprint and Viewstate on Huge page!

    Hi, I've been building a internal web application for the past few months of which the main input is a 7-page Wizardstep with data filled from all over the place basically. This is fine in an intranet/LAN sense, but it seems the client now want's this as an external application as well. The...
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    VB.NET Bitwise comparison

    Hi Guys, I've got one string "1101110111111101110111" of bit codes representing preferences for a fuel card (first character Petrol, second Gas, third Diesel etc), then I'm trying to find the best match in a list of codes from the supplier. I'm trying to do a bitwise Eqv test for each string...
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    Binary De/Serialization of object(s)

    Hi Guys, I'm writing a web application (ASP.NET) in VB.NET, and as part of the wizard process the client wants to be able to Save the progress of the current quote so it can be resumed later on. I'd rather not have incomplete quote data in my tables, and thought that serializing the object and...
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