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    Response.Redirect help?

    history.back instead of Any way to do this purely in .NET without the javascript? Where would I put the javascript? I have never used Javascript before! Thanks! Tmuld
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    Selecting specific Columns from a Dataset?

    Hello, I have a complete table within a dataset. I want a dataview to show particular filtered data - works great with the dv.rowfilter. But can I display only certain columns that are filtered? Right now in my rowfilter I have something like this: dv.RowFilter = "Title...
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    Response.Redirect help?

    Hello, I have a page called Master.aspx that accepts user input, passes it to a database, and bring up records based on that input. It then puts the records into a dataset with a select button. Choosing the select button takes the users to another page called Detail.aspx. It give more info on...
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    Help With Paging?! I still have some issues. I used the MSDN code and it sort of works. Now the paging works, but when I hit the number - it does not show my records until I hit the...
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