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    Return a copy of an array instead of a pointer for it's elements

    I'm implementing in a class, methods to manage a simple database. This class will perform all the tasks related with database and will return results in simple structures to the other classes. Remark: My Class was designed to deal with a single Table at once, so it is using internal variables to...
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    Question How to share an instance of a class to all the application ?

    How to share an instance of a class to all the application in VB.NET ? Probably you are going to answer: "Use Shared members" Ok, but I have one particular problem: I have an application that has multiple forms. The application is connected through the serial port to a hardware. The...
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    Question keep database synchronized when I have multiple clients ?

    I'm a beginner in databases, and I'm developing a simple application. I'm using SQL Server in my shared server to hold all the database. Database is accessed by client app using an internet connection. My client application is for Windows Forms developed in VB.NET using ADO.NET. I have...
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    Question Function to load and dispose forms

    I'm using .NET compact framework and I want to do a function or sub to manage the forms of my application. The idea is to replace, for example, the code below: Inside FormA: FormA.Enabled = False frmWait.TopMost = True Dim f as new FormB f.TopMost = True...
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    Help with drawing a simple street for a car game

    Hi, I'm doing an app like a car game. I need to paint over a vector of points connected forming a line. The paint is like a street. Here is an example: I have a red trace that is the sight for drawing a street on it. The origin of this red line is from GPS coordenates. Here is a picture of...
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