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    Creating new records problems

    I'm recently began getting a data exception whenever I try to create a new record. Basically I get a dataexception message that says that my primary key cannot be null whenver I click the button that supposed to add new records. Here is my code, Thanks for any help. Try...
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    access automation problem.

    I've coded in to my program the ability to open up an access report using automation. However, during my tests I wasn't able to use it in one computer that has access 2000 installed. (access 2003 computers worked fine) I was wondering if there was yet another way to open up access from my...
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    Null Reference exception upon install

    I'm getting this exception after i've installed my app on one of my user's computers. [System.nullrefernceexception: object reference not sset to an instance of an object at Microsoft.Office.Interop.Access.Applicationclass.openCurrentDatabase(string filepath,boolean exclusive, string bstr...
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    I'm having trouble with these, on my laptop with office 2003 installed this works fine. But when I bring a debug version of the app to another computer I get an error message [ or one of its dependencies was not found] when I try to auto open an access report from...
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    dataset not showing all fields

    I'm having trouble finding several fields from the dataset that I need to bind to a text box. when I view the schema of the dataset I see those fields in there, but when I try to bind it in properties it's gone and instead I see three fields that are NOT in the schema. All the other fields are...
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    automating access from

    this is the code I have, am I missing something, because I'm able to open my db and the conditions for my report come up, but the actuall report isn't opening. This is code for opening a preview but when I try to open a normal report I get an exception thrown at me. try dim oAccess as...
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    I'm not positive that this is the correct forum to post this in but bear with me please. Is there any way to open up an Access report from a windows application. I'm referring to either exporting it somehow or directly linking to a specific report?
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    I've just finished Sam's learn 2003 in 21 days and it was agreat beginner book. I'm now looking to get a good intermediatebook that expands on OOP and goes more into stuff likemultithreading. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good bookthat's out there? Thanks in advance.
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