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    Read the value of the last cell in a particular column in Excel

    Hi everybody, I want to get the last cell's value of a column. For Example : I will put the last cell's value of A column to a Textbox. Is there any one knows it ?
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    Question Import a data from excel related column

    Hi Everybody, There is an excel workbook, and it has 6 columns. First columns shows diameters of Tank. I am trying to select "Dp" (3th Column) and "h2" (4th Column) according to the 1st column. Just like excel VLOOKUP function. Here is the excel workbook...
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    Question Error Problem

    Hi everybody, I have two form in my program. In Form1 I fill listview1 with code below, cap = Math.Sqrt((4 * Val(TextBox1.Text)) / (20 * Math.PI)) cap = Math.Round(cap, 1) say = 0 Do cap = cap - 0.05 hiz = Val(TextBox1.Text) / ((Math.PI * cap...
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    Question Input Forms

    Hi Everybody.. I am working on a program which makes tables in MS WORD. But there are many parameters that should be asked. It’s so embarrassing to ask all of them with inputbox while codes are working. I made forms for each tables which will be created. This is what I want. While codes are...
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