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    Error: Invalid Operation Exception

    Hello, My application was working fine, until I received following error on startup: "An error occurred creating the form. See Exception.InnerException for details. The error is: Unable to read beyond the end of the stream." The details are: StackTrace: at...
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    Focus a specific row in dataviewgrid

    Hi, In a dataviewgrid, I want to highlight a specific row, e.g. I have 10 rows and when the user gets the data row number 4 should be highlighted. Does anyone have an idea? :confused:
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    Export data to Excel

    Hello, Is there a simple way to export data from a datagrid to an Excel sheet without using XML? :confused:
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    CheckBoxes in a GroupBox

    Hello, I have a serie of CheckBoxes in a GroupBox, and want to check which of these CheckBoxes the user selected. How should I progress? (I have VB 2005) :(
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    Define next Monday

    Hello, How can I define the date of the next coming Monday, starting from today :confused:? (I have VB 2005)
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    Change column property of an unbound datasource

    Hello, I want to change the property of the first column (to DataGridViewImageColumn) of an unbound datasource in a datagrid. Reason: When a cell of this column has a certain value, I want to show a certain image/icon. How can I do that? :confused:
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    Picture in DatagridView

    Hello! I want to use pictures (coming from the ressources) in a DataGridView in a separate field. The picture shown in this field will depend on a value of another field. Can anybody help me? :confused:
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    'collation conflict' Error message

    Hello, When I try to run a query on a server, I get the following erro: "Cannot resolve collation conflict for equal to operation." The same query, but on another server works without any problems. Any idea how I can resolve this? :confused:
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