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    ASP.Net Server configuration question

    How to get ISS to work Hi MPdillon, I am very curious how this question devellops. I have exactly the same problem. I used studio v2005, for the first time for making my first web application, and.....-( nothing.very irritating. I will keep track of this, and if I have moreinfo, I...
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    Control names changes after placing on a panel

    Thank you my man, I solved it now for the time being by taking all the event for a control, move it to a word doc, then move the control, and then place the events back into .NET. I tried your option, didn't work, sorry. Reinier:)
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    Control names changes after placing on a panel

    Hi! :) (I use:VB.NETV2005Beta2,WindowApplication, SQL-database) I have made a large Form with a lot of controls on it, (approx. 200!). NOW, I come to the conclusion that most of them have to move, from the windows form to (several) Panels. Problem::( After moving controls to a panel, VB...
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    Search filter

    search filter Why not add a WHERE clasule to narrow to search? Or didn't I read I well, and is is the problem ONLY(!) your date format? Regards, Reinier (PS. groeten uit brabant ;) )
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    updateproblem in master/detail tables

    Solved !!!!!!!! This is the best solution sofar, I quote: ********************************************************* You see you can have many levels and levels of tables Lets look at this Customer/Orders/OrderDetails three levels Lets say you make relations between customer and orders and...
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    updateproblem in master/detail tables

    HI foks, (this is my first post) (I am getting really tired of this problem:) I have a form with a master/detail on it, wich shows the mastertable and the childtables, the tables are related to eachother correctly. The strange thing is, that navigating through the master/detail is going...
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