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    How to use C function in VB?

    I'm new at this too but I just managed to call a C# function from my program so maybe this'll help. I'm assuming the functions have already been compiled to a DLL. Open your project. Go to Solution Explorer. Right-click on References and then click on Add Reference. Click...
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    Search form

    Book suggestion Can I recommend Microsoft ADO.NET Step by Step by Rebecca Riordan, 0-7356-1236-6 by microsoft press? It's for .net 1.0 rather than 1.1 but it does start with the basics.
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    Leave event triggers even when dialogresult = cancel

    I have a form which has a couple of text boxes which are used to define new users to my app. Both use the Leave event to make sure they're filled in before the OK button is enabled. (I've included the code for the first of them below.) I also want a Cancel button so that the user can choose not...
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    Outlook attachment not passed to app

    I just checked to make sure: I already have "Show hidden files and folders" checked, so that's not it.
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    VB 6 Conversion Problem

    Why don't you post your code for the form that should open the other forms?
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    Outlook attachment not passed to app

    I've been developing a game which sends data via emails. The files have a particular suffix which I associate with the app during Setup. The recipient is supposed to be able to double-click on the file to lauch the app. When I save the file from Outlook 2003 to My Documents, and double-click...
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