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    Root Element Missing Error

    My first question is: When you create a new file in the UserAppDataPath location during DEBUG, where is the file created? I looked through the project's locations/folders and could not find the XML file I created with this code. Now, onto this error. My xml structure is the standard xml header...
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    ReadContentAsDateTime Problem

    The xml node supports ReadContentAsDateTime method, according to intellisense, but it throws and exception when I use it: Try Dim reader As New XmlTextReader(strfilename2) reader.WhitespaceHandling = WhitespaceHandling.None While reader.Read() If reader.NodeType =...
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    Create "Date" Registry Key

    How would I create a registry key at install time that records the date and time of the install so that I can limit the user's use of the app to say 30 or 60 days? Like trial software?
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    Data Controls/Combo Box Issue

    Hello, I have a BindingNavigator and common controls connected to an Access Database. When I fill a combo box with state abbreviations, and during runtime select a state and save the record, I want the combo box to clear or go to the first index when the new record button on the...
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    Setting Node Backcolor Property Value

    Below is my code. If reader.GetAttribute("level") = "2" Then reader.Read() Dim nd As New TreeNode nd.Text = reader.ReadString reader.Read() nd.Name = reader.ReadString...
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    Start Application on Startup

    Hi, how can I have my application start when they log on to Windows?
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    Treeview and Imagelist Problem - Please Help

    I am trying to use a treeview and imagelist. I added 3 images to the imagelist. I have set the treeview's imagelist property to the imagelist I added to the form. Here is some sample code for when I programmatically add nodes to the treeview. nd = TreeView1.TopNode.Nodes.Add(""...
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    Correct and EASIEST way to process XML

    I don't have a solid skillset in XML, and when I try to understand how to process (read/write) XML documents/files I get confused. I have to parse the an XML document that looks like the following: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <tree> <nodeobject level="1">...
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    Dropping Desktop Shortcuts into Treeview using Drag & Drop

    Hello, I have read tons of MSDN documentation, but I do not fully understand the process of creating drag and drop. Since there is no shortcut class in .NET, I have to use the COM library. I need to develop a process where I can drag an existing desktop shortcut onto a treeview and the...
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