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    CSV (Comma Separated Values) to DataTable

    Hi, I need to convert data which is stored in a string as raw data (Comma Separated Values) to a DataTable, which should then be added to a dataset. Is this possible, and how (without having to write the data to a file)? Thanks a lot
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    Control properties of a .NET class

    Hi, I have been searching a lot, but didn't find, a solution for a quite sticky problem. Since in VB.NET almost everything (e.g. Sockets) have become classes instead of *visual* objects with events, i cannot control data anymore in a socket. I'm posting this question here, because it might...
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    Easy-to-use XMLLIB

    Hi, I'm writing an app that has to store data, Favorites (that includes Server Name, Server Address, Server Port, Username, Password (MD5) ). I was thinking about using XML since that would be the most structured way to do it, as i assume... Is there somewhere a good and easy to use library...
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    An event for Data arrival with .NET Sockets

    Hi, I'd like to bind an event (or a sub or so) to the Socket.Arrival property, so that when this value changes (Data Received) the sub or event is called. How can I do this without using timers or polling? Thanks a lot
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    INI files

    Hi, I'd like to write code for my software that is able to read a configuration (for multiple languages, so it will be language files) from an INI file. Lot's of application do that, and this way, it is very easy to translate your app in many different languages. An example: [Executables]...
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    MD5 Hashing

    Hi, I have to convert a string to an MD5 hash... I know that there is a class available, as you can read beneath: Public Function GenerateHash(ByVal SourceText As String) As String 'Create an encoding object to ensure the encoding standard for the source text Dim Ue As...
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    FileSize -1

    Hi , i use this code to retrieve the size of a file on the web... Dim URLReq As Net.HttpWebRequest Dim URLRes As Net.HttpWebResponse Dim FileSize as Long URLReq = Net.WebRequest.Create(sURL) URLRes = URLReq.GetResponse FileSize = URLRes.ContentLength...
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    Resume after error

    Hi, My program should iterate through all items in a listview.It uses a Try structure to handle errors. The problem is, that the program does what it should but when an error occurs, it stops iterating through the list. So i want it to resume with the next item in the list when an error...
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    WebClient Download Progress

    Hi, I know that the Webclient class in VB.NET is a very handy thing to download a file... But i need some more functionality. Is it somehow possible to retrieve the total filesize and the progress? Maybe the progress can be calculated by dividing the current filesize (on harddisk) by the...
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