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    VB.NET/ easy as msaccess project

    Because I don't ever see a so much simple and powerfull data management as in msaccess, I want to make it simple to too. All without the wizards that come with visual basic 2005 since I'm using sharpdevelop I'm meaning the easy way of putting a simple sql in the datasource of...
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    Command line twain

    I'm trying to make a command line twain for a scanner take the image and save it with the configurations I want, but I'm in dificulties with the basic. I'm trying to put all the commands in the load form of the following code (I think it have all functions related to twain_32.dll). Is someone...
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    will access need to be instaled on client pc?

    I have a app that uses a mdb. My question is will the app work correctly with the access mdb if the client computer haven't access instaled? Is there some dll/jet that I can Import or something? I have made a quick test with a fresh xp in virtual pc, and it gives a error (I instaled...
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    Speed on crop

    Hello, This is to find the first darkest pixel, in order to crop a image, but it's too slow. Is there a way to speed this? Dim bmp As Bitmap = im Dim wth As Integer = 0 Dim hgh As Integer = 0 Dim newpoint As Drawing.Point Dim aL As Integer = 0 Dim...
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    How to identify a paragraf character in a string

    All I want to do is to strip of the paragraf character. It's identified with something like ^p or ^n but can't figure out. Somebody knows the identifier? Thanks
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    crop image to picturebox

    I'm trying to crop a rectangle area from an image. A simple cut/paste. Anyone can help me?
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    Fetch array with ms access

    Hello, this is my first post here, seems a very good forum. I'm new to, and I came from PHP and mysql. I'm connecting from vb to msaccess by code, but I can't yet figure how I do a fetch array from a select command in Can someone help me?
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