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    Question How to logoff multiple users logged on Windows Server

    Hi, I want make a Console Application in VB.NET which will logoff all (but not an Administrator) users connectend to Windows 2003 Server machine via RDP Connection. I wrote an application which is restarting Server machine, but when there're logged in users, Server got suspended. Code of my...
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    Issue with function which's read number from file

    Hi, I've got program which is checking OS' backups (if backup was created, what 'size' is backup file have, etc) and I've got Function which imports file's size: Function wielkoscNiedzielnyOdczytaj() As Long Dim wielkoscNiedzielny As Long = 0 Try Using sr As New...
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    Question How to copy directories with files?

    Hi all, I don't know how can I copy files and subdirectories from one directory. Below you can see my code which copies directories but without files into them. ' Wywołanie procedury kopiującej katalogi z profilu FF Try Dim source As DirectoryInfo = New DirectoryInfo(profilFF)...
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