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    Help with directorySearcher and Treeview

    I have the following code to list all the users in my AD tree and populate a treeview from it: Sub FillActiveDirectoryTreeView(ByRef tvw As TreeView, ByVal TopLevelDirEntriesArray As DirectoryEntry) Dim DirEntry As DirectoryEntry Dim Nd As TreeNode For Each DirEntry In...
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    Event Log Filter

    I have the following to read the "System" Event Log. SetupEventsListView() Dim elEvent As New System.Diagnostics.EventLog("System") Dim elEventEntry As System.Diagnostics.EventLogEntry For Each elEventEntry In elEvent.Entries Dim li As New...
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    Tree View and XML

    Hi have the following XML <?xml version="1.0" ?> - <Offices> - <UK> <Hull /> <Middlesbrough /> <Manchester /> <Belfast /> <Linertech /> </UK> - <Europe> <Rotterdam /> <LeHavre /> <Dusseldorf /> <Uentrop /> <Schwechat /> <Porvoo /> </Europe> </Offices>...
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