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    How to read time from website?

    is it possible to make program with VB to read the clock from websites? The official U.S. time - clock how can i do that? and trigger actions based on the clock time
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    How to Link programs

    am new to programming just finishes reading book step by step by microsoft, it doesnt teach me how to link 2 programs together, at work we have program made by an outsider company in it spreadsheet with over 500,000+ names, each day we have to pick random names from the list and print them...
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    How to make Bot for online game

    i have zero programming knowledge and wanting to learn programming from seeing people making bots for online games, i always seek the knowledge if things and wonder how they do them, even though its pretty useless motive lol i just want to know what knowledge needed to making bot for online game...
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    noob question

    am new to programming, and i wish to know few things. will VB.NET let me program anything i need and why most games use c++ and not other languages. last question if i want to make program that acts like MIRC but for LAN computers. what experience do i need to learn beside VB.NET what other...
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