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    On screen Keyboard problem

    i'm pretty sure that you have the buttons A-Z worked out. as for the delete button. use the substring function of the "Text" member of textbox. EDIT: and the backspace, use the one of selection methods of the "Text" member of the textbox.
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    First of the counter variable: 1) you can declare as a field variable 2) you can make it as a static variable inside the button's click event. secondly and lastly, you're trying make the panel2 visible whenever your limit is 3 or 5. You don't have to tell the computer to make panel2 visible...
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    MDIchild problem: IRC client.

    First of I'm going to list of the main controls and forms needed in my project. I have a class called IrcClient with a couple of events. A MDI parent form called frmIRC, A form called frmServer which has a myClient variable of the IRC class declared withevents, and a form called frmChan...
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