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  1. JohnH

    Disposing Data Tables

    I probably find the same as you in search of disposing DataTable. My search also indicate that Controller is disposable, and that you can override Dispose to clean up what is needed, it is called after view is rendered.
  2. JohnH

    Click Once Install Error

    Just to have done it, try "clean solution" and publish again. I tested it, even copied your entire manifest into a project and did a Clickonce publish and it works for me from VS 2022, and dpiAware takes effect based on it. It is possible older VS/Clickonce has trouble with the asm.v3...
  3. JohnH

    Resolved Winforms Desktop App with wpf user control

    Maybe because the VS 2013 is so old and doesn't have it in the template? See here about the manifest set up: Setting the default DPI awareness for a process (Windows) - Win32 apps
  4. JohnH

    Resolved Winforms Desktop App with wpf user control

    Project properties, Application tab, "View Windows Settings" will open the application manifest. Scroll a bit down, there you'll find the dpiAware section (including namespace definition) which you can uncomment (select and Ctrl-K-U keybord shortcut).
  5. JohnH

    Drives collection not including NAS drive

    Maybe it's detected as different type?
  6. JohnH

    Converting Curl command to Httpwebrequest with request body.

    An example with HttpClient Imports System.Net.Http Private client As New HttpClient Private Async Sub JsonPostSample(url As String, json As String, file As String) Using content As New StringContent(json, System.Text.Encoding.UTF8, "application/json") Using response = Await...
  7. JohnH

    Question Calculate angle between bytes value.

    Negative value is not possible for Byte data type. Since Atan2 also expect Double values as input convert the values to that type also. You can do that with CDbl conversion function. Type Conversion Functions - Visual Basic
  8. JohnH

    Question Calculate angle between bytes value.

    Your list is type Byte, while Atan2 function returns a Double value.
  9. JohnH

    Resolved Closing a Web Browser Control with KeyDown event

    On your CloseWB, disposing the parent Panel will also dispose all its child controls automatically.
  10. JohnH

    Available Small C# SQLite Project that needs to modified and fixed

    You never know, but the post is 5 years old...
  11. JohnH

    Resolved JSON object as vb classes

    Was there a problem with the VS conversion?
  12. JohnH

    Resolved JSON object as vb classes

    Add a new class file, clear it, then Edit > Paste Special > Paste JSON as Classes
  13. JohnH

    Resolved DataGridView & Selected Row

    I could not reproduce it for a DataGridView with those three properties set: Dim dgv = New DataGridView With dgv .SelectionMode = DataGridViewSelectionMode.FullRowSelect .MultiSelect = False .DefaultCellStyle.SelectionBackColor = Color.Red .RowCount = 5 .ColumnCount = 2 End...
  14. JohnH

    Resolved Console vs Debug

    Create a Console Application to play with the console, instead of a GUI application like Windows Forms .
  15. JohnH

    Resolved Console vs Debug

    It goes to Output window normally, unless you have enabled option to redirect all Output Window text to Immediate Window. In a forms project it is not common to write to Console, for debug output use Debug.Write.
  16. JohnH

    select the row by up and down arrow key?

    I will suggest that you handle KeyDown event for textbox, here you can check e.KeyCode for Up/Down navigations keys. You should also set e.SuppressKeyPress to True in this case to avoid default navigation in text, it would be confusing if this happens also when DataGridView is navigated. For...
  17. JohnH

    Resolved Select ListviewItem Text

    A post here suggests sending unmanaged messages LVM_GETEDITCONTROL and EM_SETSEL in BeforeLabelEdit C# ListView Label Edit - control selected text
  18. JohnH

    Resolved Get just the month # from date format d/m/yyyy

    Dim GetMonth =Now.Month
  19. JohnH

    Question Retrieve specific attachment from outlook.

    Use an If statement to check sFileName.
  20. JohnH

    Question Filestream.Readbyte returns -1 value at the end of strem

    You have 2 ReadByte calls in the loop, each one advancing one byte. If you want to do 2 things with the same byte (display it and compare it) then you must call ReadByte only once and assign it to a variable. for i = 0 to (length-1) dim value = readbyte display value compare value next
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