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    MenuStrip drop-down programmatically

    Can you help me please? I am writing an application using a drop-down menu. Is there any way where I can get the 1st level of the menu to drop-down automatically when the form gets focus or is activated or even to be permanently drop down. Thanks, Steve
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    Visual Basic and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

    Visual Basic and Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I wonder if you can help me please? I am attempting to write programs to work with dragon NaturallySpeaking. I am aware that Dragon Is Not designed to be compatible. However, I have had great success with it. For instance if you say what ever is on...
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    Custom dialogue box

    Can you help me please? I am trying to make a custom save dialogue box. I am trying to test to see if a selected file exists when the save button is pressed and if it does it should show an overwrite message, if it is decided to overwrite the existing file it should return vbOK the file name...
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    Exiftool from VB.

    6/17/2016 3:12:21 PM Can you help me please? I am trying to write an Exif tag editor (for .jpg images). Exiftools seems to show promise, but I need to access it through Visual Basic (to set tags). ExifTool by Phil Harvey I do not understand why the line "exiftool -csv...
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    Visual Basic on a Windows 10 tablet

    hi all, I wonder if anyone has any experience of programming a Windows tablet? Can you program any Windows 10 tablet with visual basic? Is there anything that you need to do compared with a PC. Can I just copy the exe file to the tablet and have it run? I'm thinking of the Windows Connect...
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    Can you help me please? I am trying to get my head around classes. As far as I can make out the recommended way of getting include data to and from a class is as follows. It works fine but it seems very complicated to me. Private fn As String Public Property file_name() As String...
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    hi, can you help me please? I am working with the Windows media player in Visual Basic 2010 (Windows 7). When it plays a mp3 file the visualisation is of an oscilloscope. How can I change the visualisation, programmatically in Visual Basic? Thanks for reading this, Steve
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    taskmanager program, switching to an existing process

    Task manager. Windows XP. Visual studio 2010. Visual Can anyone help me please, I am writing a task manager program. I use the following routine to list the processes and handles. Public Declare Function ShowWindow Lib "user32.dll" (ByVal hwnd As Integer, ByVal nCmdShow As...
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    Data base master/detail consistency

    Can you help me please? In it's simplest form, I have two forms a master form and a detail form. I added the data source from within the ide. Data> add new data source database>new connection > microsoft sql server database file. Selected table etc. From the datasources tab in the ide I...
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    Which commercial version of vb/vs do I need?

    Hi, I have written some software in vb2008 express which I intend to sell. Unfortunately the packaging and deployment feature (one click) is too limited. I need to be able to- a) Have user specify where to install the app. b) Include other files i.e. database and .HTML files in the setup...
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    Question Vb2008 express error creating new project

    Can you help me please? I have just started receiving an error when I try to create a new project from within the IDE. “Access to the path 'C\Documents and Settings\Steve\Local Settings\Application Data\Temporary.ProjectsWindowsApplicationl\My Project\AssemblyInfo.vb' is denied.” Any Ideas...
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    Vb 2008 express form won’t show correctly.

    I’m in big trouble here and would be grateful for any help. I have been working on a quite complex multiform solution. All of a sudden the start up form (in fact any form I designate to start up) loads, displays and operates fine. But when I try and show a form using “showdialog” the form...
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    Vb 2008 express Bound listbox disables other controls

    Can you help me please? I have a listbox bound to a database on a form, all works fine, I can select items from the list ok. However, I have a checkbox and a textbox on the form , I cannot change the check state of the checkbox and the textbox will not accept the focus, when I click on them. If...
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    Copy datagridview selected column

    Hi, I'm still struggling with an unbound dgv invb 2008. Could you please help me access cells in a slelected coumn of a dgv. I want to place the selected column into an array so that I can manipulate it further. Thanks, Steve
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    VB2008 datagridview multiselect and merge columns

    Can you help me please? vb2008 I have an unbound datagridview. I would like 1) the user to be able to select multiple columns by clicking on the column headers ( and say " shift"). 2) Concatenate the columns e g " Fred" and " Bloggs" becomes "Fred Bloggs". Could you please...
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    Removing projects from VB2008 start page recent projects list.

    Removing projects from VB2008 start page recent projects list. Can you help me please? The above list is getting clogged. How do I remove items from this list? Thanks, Steve
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    Custom dialogue box in vb 2008

    Can you help me please? I would like to generate some custom dialog boxes that I can call from anywhere in my project. The easiest example I can give is of a form that waits for two numbers to be entered then returns their sum. I want to call it like a function ie. sum = add_two_numbers(...
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    learning C sharp

    I have a reasonable knowledge of and am trying to learn C sharp. I am used to using subroutines and functions in VB .net but can find no reference to them in C sharp. Can someone point me in the right direction please. Thanks, Steve
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    Trouble with shell statement VB 2008

    Can you help me please? I am trying to launch one program (written by me) from another. I have done it before and it worked fine, but not now. The program runs and seems to have the focus* but it is not displayed. * It appears on the task bar and is highlighted. If I press alt + tab TWICE...
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    vb. 2005 working with arrays of unknown length

    Can you help me please? I want to declare an array of unknown length and then add items to it I would think something like this but it doesn,t work dim my_array() as string 'length unknown dim could_be_any_length as integer' not known at time of declaration...
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