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    Get files names into array

    Hi all! What i'm trying to do is to open a dialog box which from there i will be able to select files and their names will go into an array. Any help will be appreciated :-)
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    stop\kill process

    Hi all, How can i stop or kill a process which i see in the task manager? for an example i have 2 process of Excel.exe how can i stop or kill them by process name? Thanks in advanve:)
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    Downloading a file

    Hi, I want to create a button when the user will press it will download a file from a web, of course i would like the user to see that the file is downloaded but i dont want the save/run windows message will appear, i want to decide where it will be save, somthing like update. The button in...
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    Getting information from a site

    Hi all, I need your help again. I want to get some information from a site, when i'll push the button a variant will get the info. Now, i have looked at the source code of the site and i have found what i'm looking for, the big question is how i get it. This is a part of the source code...
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    Select Case

    Hi again, I'm facing a tough issue. I have 2 combobox with a couple of items in each, now, i need the best and shortest way to define calculations between each and every item. Just for an example: combobox1 1 2 3 combobox2 1 2 3 i need for item 1 in combobox1 to have some sort of...
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    Call statement

    Hi all, I'm newbie to VB 2005 express and to VB at all. I have learned how to do some basic stuff but now i want to get in to it more. Is there any good guide that explain commands and syntax? For example i want to use the call statement or procedure and i dont know how to do it, how to...
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