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    Add Pop Up Menu Or Context Menu

    Hello I have a requirement which is as follows: There is a windows form and a datagrid in it, the grid is populated with data from a table. Now i have been asked to add a pop up menu (or a context menu), that is when i right click the mouse we get a pop up, with the options like "copy, cut...
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    Convert Excel File to XML file

    a big hello once again. a couple of days ago i posted a message, where i requested for some assistance in coverting excel file to PDF, while i was searching i came across a site, which coverts an xml file to a PDF file, (the code i have it), now i am trying to convert, the excel file to xml...
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    Convert Excel File To PDF through Code

    hello. i am working on a windows application built using, i have come across a situation where in i want to convert an excel file (which i have created and suitalbe data stored in it) has to be converted to a PDF file and get save. after browsing i came across a site, where there was a...
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