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    mouse event not fire on shapes

    I'm new in wpf, I need to recreate the behavior of an old winform drawing app. In the winform app I used this event MouseMove MouseClick MouseDown MouseUp Basically there are 2 main behavior: single click managed from MouseClick(that contains drawing logic) and "press and move" managed by...
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    exposing costituent control property

    I have a usercontrol(UCGraph2d) which contains a canvas colled pbxWork. I need to read the size from another class, so I tryed to expose like I've made before in the past, but the proprerty is not accessible. It's the first time that I target .net core, could be the iusse related? here some...
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    usercontrol class not recognized

    Hello, I'm trying to build a "spotlight control", when I try to compile I get BC30002 SpotLight:LedControl is not defined, but it actually exist. Any advice? <UserControl x:Class="StopLight" xmlns=""...
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    mixing StreamGeometry and shapes

    I'm drawing a chart from a binary file with StreamGeometry, and work fine; I need to do a "selection effect" so I tryed to add the code that I have tested alone that draw a semitrasparent rectangle clicking the mouse, but it have an odd behavier: before to draw the chart(done by clicking the...
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    Question Calculate angle between bytes value.

    I get the exception with this operation: numbers(i) - numbers(i - 1), when numbers(i) =0 and numbers(i-1) is positive; that did not make any sense for me: negative number are allowed in double type( in this case the calc is 0-160=160);I also put the value in the code by hand instead using...
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    Question Calculate angle between bytes value.

    yes, I posted wrong code, my bad of copy and paste from vs. The code that give me the problem is that: Dim angleslist As New List(Of Double) Dim angleslist As New List(Of Double) For i = 1 To numbers.Length - 1 angleslist.Add(Math.Atan2(numbers(i) - numbers(i - 1), 1))...
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    Question Calculate angle between bytes value.

    I already changed it to Double but still get the exception
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    Question Calculate angle between bytes value.

    Hello, I've an array of bytes that contains Y values of a chart; I need to calculate the angles between each point, so: Dim numbers = New Byte() {&H0, &H0, &H0, &HA0, &H0, &HA0, &H0, &HA0, &H0, &HA0, &H0, &HA0, &H0, &HA0, &H0, &HA0, &H0, &HA0, &H0, &HA0, &H0, &HA0, &H0, &HA0, &H0, &HA0...
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    Advice for learn to design database tables

    I'm looking to resources to learn how best practices how to design database tables; any advice?
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