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    Infinite Redraw Loop with "Program not Responding" Message

    Hello Community, I have an urgent problem to which I would appreciate quick replies. I have written a program for a school project which graphs mathematical equations. Within Visual Studio (in debug mode) everything works perfectly. However, when I publish the program and run it as an installed...
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    Question Prevent Child Control Redraw when ALT or TAB Key is Pressed

    Hello, I am programming an application in VB.NET that makes use of a custom control (inherited from Windows.Forms.UserControl), which uses its Paint event (or rather MyBase.Paint) to graph mathematical equations that the user can enter. My problem is that, when the user presses the Tab or Alt...
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    Question Windows Beeps when Key Combination entered

    Hello, I am working on a program in which I allow the user to quickly add strings to a textbox by pressing a key combination, such as ALT+S. Inserting the strings and setting the cursor to the right position works fine. Its just that windows makes an annoying beep as if an error was encountered...
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