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    ClickOnce Deployment - Code Signing - Certificate

    Hello Im having problems with code signing, 1st "File Download - Security Warning" on run of setup.exe, 2nd "Internet Explorer - Security Warning" (pic below) i'll supply all my details and pics below and hope someone can help with why this is not working, i think it could have something to...
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    Swithing between child windows, Like Internet Explorer - Forward Back

    Hi I need help on swithing between child windows, I have one parent form and say 3 child forms, that get opened up by MenuStrip on parent form1, but some times u end up with a few child windows open so it would be good to be able to hit forward or back button to scroll though them i have the...
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    Copy File - but need Environment Variable - VS 2005

    Hello I need help on the below code, im a absolute noob please be kind I'll try to explain what im trying to do, XXXXX below needs to be replaced with path to SystemDrive, but i cant use %SystemDrive% Environment Variable, i cant use C:\ as it is a fixed path(not all PC's have xp on c drive) All...
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