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    Insert/Update/Delete Data from DataGrid !!!!

    GUYS !! PLEASE HELP ME OUT !! i'm having a situation below: 1) how to insert the data from Datagrid while i press "Save" Button ... 2) how to update the data from Datagrid while i press "Update" Button ... 3) how to Delete the data from Datagrid while i press "Update" Button ... 4) it is...
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    Creating DataGrid style myself

    how can i create a DataGrid just like this : Combo box contains data from MS Access DB
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    Form to Form

    Dim pomain As New PurchaseOrder Dim objDS2 As Data.DataSet Dim objUser As New clsPO Private Sub poAddItem_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load GetItemDetails() End Sub Private Sub GetItemDetails() objDS2.Clear() objDS2 =...
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    SQL Query

    i want to use a Combo Box contain some condition like "<50" , ">100" etc... then compare to the database select * from table1 where Item_Amount = "& cboitemAmount.Text & " how can i make it works ???
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    DataGrid Again n Again

    the case is: i'm doing a purchase order ... with serval text box ... i search by PO ID ... then Item_No, Item_Quantity will show on the datagrid... Well, when press the search again ... the datagrid will get the same data again ! that's mean it displayed a duplicated data !! Private Sub...
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    Search By Date

    Private Sub GetPO() Dim fromdate As Date fromdate = cboPOsearchTD.Text + "/" + cboPOsearchTM.Text + "/" + cboPOsearchTY.Text objDS.Clear() objDS = objUser.Search_tblUser("Select * from tbl_PURCHASE where Order_Date = 'fromdate'") Try dgPOSearch.DataSource = objDS.Tables(0)...
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    Here is my Data Tables tbl_PURCHASE branch_ID PO_ID Supplier_ID Order_Date Item_No Item_Price Item_Quantity Modified_Date Modified_By tbl_SUPPLIER Supplier_ID Supplier_Name when i click to search the PO_ID then Fill in Four Text fields with branch_ID , PO_ID, Supplier_ID, Supplier_Name...
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    Two DataGrids in One Page

    now i have two dataGrids : dg1 and dg2 in one Windows Form i want dg1 to display table_1 and dg2 display table_2 can i achieve this with One DataAdapter only ???? if i can use one DataAdapter only ... how can i achieve it !! please help !!! it is quite urgent for me !!
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    MessageBox.Show("Are you sure to delete this record ? ", "Warning", MessageBoxButtons.YesNoCancel) confirm() Private Function confirm() If DialogResult.Yes Then btnUpdate.Enabled = True btnDelete.Enabled = True btnPrint.Enabled = True btnNew.Enabled = True...
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    How can i pass Data from one DataGrid to another ?

    i'm using Two Windows Form ... for example Form1 and Form2 i have DataGrid in each Form then i wanna pass the Data to Form1's Datagrid from Form2's Datagrid .... how can i do it ???? can you give me some hints ?? please help !!!
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