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    Please help label text problem

    i am new to was making a form where der are 3 labels EG. First name Last name Password which have 3 textbox too.. now in labels the text i want it in extreme right.. like in we have textAlign right, left, center.. Rite I want to do same in i was looking in properties...
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    What error is this and what to do.?

    start>>run>>cmd cd %windir%\\framework\v1.1.4322 aspnet_regiis -i Problem solved..
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    What error is this and what to do.?

    I installed .NET now when i start ASP.Net i get da following error VS.Net has detected that the specified web server is not running ASP.Net version 1.1. You will be unable to run ASP.Net web application or service but when i try to open VB.Net framework application it works fine.. What to...
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    VB.NET Program run on the Web ?

    Hey dude thanks for replying .. But still would like to ask u something... did u used da code in If yes than is it easy to convert application into webform or i have to learn from start..
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    VB.NET Program run on the Web ?

    Hey guys please help me.. Ok here it is I have made a demo of SITE using it was for my reference.. now one of my frnd need it but it should be used for INTERNET.. I am not sure whether can be uploaded on da net as a site.. I don know much in ASP.NET.. is it possible to make...
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    trying to add font to 101 examples (using Sockets)

    hi i have 101 code examples (Advanced .NET Framework (Networking) - Use Sockets), its client server based application in which i was learning to add font and color to the textbox and when clicked on send should be displyed in main textbox as well to all the user.. please tell me how to do it...
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    Fonts with textbox

    i have 2 text box and 1 button Button1, TextBox1 and TextBox2 i am applying font and color to TextBox2 now when i click on Button 1, i need to send text of TextBox2 to TextBox1. code for that is simple on click of button1 TextBox1.text=TextBox2.text Problem i am facing here is font and...
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    crystal report problem

    Dim a As New Form2 Dim date1 As Date = "1/1/1900" Dim Fltr a.CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = "C:\crystal\crystalreport2.rpt" RadioButton2.Checked Then Fltr = "{Employee.emp_DOB}=" & (date1) & " " a.CrystalReportViewer1.SelectionFormula = (Fltr) a.Show() End If this is giving me error...
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    validation of textbox

    i have a textbox which can take only 4 character in it, in which 1st character entered bu user should be alphabet(a-z) and other three character should be numbers(0-9). how can i do it. i was trying to use vb6 functions of dim a as string a=left("A001",1) // "A001" is what user typing in...
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    validate textbox only for alphabets no number or symbols

    is it possible to validate textbox only for alphabets no number or symbols we can use functions like isNumeric for validating textbox only to number can we have any functions for alphabets. if yes can u please tell me... i know this can be done by ascii code but how i don know so anyone can...
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    please tell me the error

    hey guys i am uploading a program of peer to peer to network.... which i had downloaded from some sites for learning......... please check it and tell me the error i am getting error at this line in clientProcess.vb ' Create the proxy that references the server object. Server =...
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    use of enter key

    thanks dude
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    use of enter key

    my mistake i dint tell u what i exactly want to do... see i have 3 text box ok but only 1st text box is visble when the form is loaded......... so user will input value in 1st text box and than if he press hit enter key that time 2nd text box should be visible..
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    use of enter key

    i am doing a program in which i have text box where value can be entered and after entering that value on hitting enter key the cursor should go to next textbox......... how should i do that?
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    need ur help

    hey guys i need ur help i am working on project to make chat application and file transfering... I did chatting application but its been month i am not able to write code for transfering file from one computer to other on local network... and now in 2 days its time for me to submit that...
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    Urgent Help Required

    Thanks dude Thanks dude it worked
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    Urgent Help Required

    i have a code made in 2005 (not made by me downloaded from some site) i am using 2003 source file is uploaded which was downloaded from net (2005)... if u see the code the first line is Imports System.DirectoryServices when i am making same program in 2003 that time i am getting...
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    suggest me book to refer for my project

    i am suppose to make a LAN application in which i will having chat, sending files and folders, audio chat, seeng all the user who are on my network....... etc Consider a total LAN application and suggest me all good books to refer which help ime in making this project...
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    suggest me a suitable project from the list..

    hey VB.Net experts i need ur help to guide me to do a best project from the list i have made........ PLEASE DOWNLOAD ATTACHMENT and suggest me ur views.... which project to do......... And please for me this project will be very very important because it contains 200 marks in it.... Please u...
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    Suggest me a Project

    thanks dude
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